Note to myself to finish blogs in a timely manner.


Well, site #342 was a huge success. The neighbor to our left was gone as was the owner of the cabin to our right. But lordy, lordy, it was hot! We flipped the air on immediately but the coach was so hot from the sun beating on the roof that it was obvious that it was going to be a long while before the rig cooled down. Inside temperature was 96ºF and of course no circulation. Of course going in and out of the motorhome to set up the BBQ, tables and chairs, wasn’t helping the cooling system.

We were going to have a shrimp cocktail, cook some steaks and asparagus outside on the grill, eat a salad and top it off with a dessert I had made at home and put into the refrigerator to stay cool. Refrigerator was still not cooling properly but the combo freezer in the bay was working like a champ, and the vodka was icing down nicely.

I’ve made the shrimp cocktail upon many an occasion, a simple but tasty recipe and a crowd favorite.

shrimp cocktail

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