I forgot to mention one stop we made in the Portland area, the Multnomah Falls, a beautiful 600’+ waterfall that cascades out of the mountain located along the Columbia River Gorge. Indian lore says it was created for a young Indian maiden who wanted a private area to bathe. The site was gorgeous as were the views of the Columbia River.




On our way south to less moist environs we went back to Bandon, Oregon for a three day stay. Bandon is one of our more favorite towns in Oregon, and although I posted some pictures in a previous blog I wanted to share again some of the beauty of the area with some photos that turned out pretty good. There might be some duplication with the other post, but bear with me cuz this area is a pretty cool place.

Bandon is located on the south side of the mouth of the Coquille River and radiates small-town casualness, a laid back attitude that is slow-paced and relaxed. There are any number of things to do in Bandon, most of them centered around outdoor activities. Bandon is home to two championship golf courses, the better-known one being Bandon Dunes and the lesser known one being Bandon Crossings which is located a little more inland with gentler winds but still maintaining a true links experience.  Bandon Dunes is a true windswept links course, a real challenge with the contours of the holes dictated by the dunes and the topography of the land. They say it is not an easy track, but the experience, much like Pebble Beach, is a reward on to itself. Unfortunately we didn’t play either course as the rates  were well out of our budget, but we did walk around the club houses of both courses.

All beaches in Oregon are public and the beaches in Bandon were as pretty as any we saw in all of Oregon. Continually changing landscapes due to the weather and tides always leave these beaches with a new look. The sea stacks and rock formations are home to a myriad of sea creatures and birds and wildlife refuges.


Where rivers meet each other or where they meet the sea there is usually a maelstrom of powerful forces churning the confluences, disrupting the sand bars and creating an energy to the area that is awe-inspiring. The Coquille River was no different and one can see from these pictures that when the energy is there you do not want to be in the middle of it.

Historic Old Town Bandon is a 10 block square of cute little touristy shops and local restaurants that front the wharf bordering the Coquille River. A farmers market happens on the weekends and offers everything from fresh seasonal vegetables to grass fed beef. Very picturesque town and I was not paid by the Chamber of Commerce.



I mix peanut butter in my smoothies, on my PB&J sandwiches and when I can I use it in some of my recipes . The following recipe can be used with pork or chicken and the spices can be found at Savory Spice Shop which has locations throughout the country. If you like peanut butter here is a good excuse to eat it any time of day. Enjoy!


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